Logitech Z-2200 Speakers Review



I have always been a big fan of Logitech speakers and have used other models in the past. In the past I had a set of Logitech Z-560s and loved them, however when I moved I had no use for a 4.1 system anymore. I then moved down to the Z-340s which is a small 2.1 system.

Going from a 400w 4.1 system to a 33w 2.1 was a drastic downgrade for me. The Z-340s were just simply not powerful enough for my needs but at the same time I had no use for a 4.1 or above system. Logitech has since filled the gap between the Z-340s and Z-560s with their Z-2200s. The Z-2200s are THX-certified and offer 200 watts in a 2.1 system which is exactly what I wanted. Below is the technical information for these speakers that were pulled from Logitech’s website.

Technical Specifications
Total RMS power: 200 watts RMS
Satellites: 80 watts RMS (40w x 2)
Subwoofer: 120 watts RMS
Total peak power: 400 watts
Signal to noise ratio: >100db
Frequency response: 35Hz – 20kHz

Satellites: 3-inch phase plug driver
Subwoofer: 8-inch long-throw ported driver

Speaker dimensions
Satellites: (H) 7 inches x (W) 4.25 inches x (D) 6 inches
Subwoofer: (H) 11 inches x (W) 11 inches x (D) 15 inches .3

SoundTouch™ wired remote control
Master volume
Subwoofer volume
Headphone jack

Package Contents
2 satellites speakers
1 subwoofer
Power cord
Color coded audio cables
SoundTouch™ remote control
Two-year limited warranty
Owner’s Manual

The speakers come packed in a very large box and is quite heavy. Luckily there are hand hold cutouts on each side to easily pick up the box because I’m no body builder. The contents were packaged with styrofoam very well to avoid damage during shipping and everything is wrapped in plastic bags.

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The manual for the speakers and the game console adapter come packaged together in a plastic bag. The remote control also comes wrapped in plastic for protection. One small detail that I really found helpful was that the tape securing the bags was folded over to create a tab. This was very nice because I was able to easily remove the tape and then the bag. Seeing great attention to detail from a company is very commendable because it shows they care about their product down to the way it is packed.

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The wired remote control allows you to turn the speakers on and off, plug in a set of headphones, and adjust the volume and bass. From the profile shot you can see that it has a pretty sleek design and has 4 rubber feet on the bottom to keep it in place. The volume and bass knob are very nice and smoothly rotate so that you can do fine adjustments on the volume level. I also like that Logitech is still using a blue LED for the power indicator light.

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The two cables coming out of the control pod are the remote control cable mini jack for your sound card. They both look to be a decent length and will probably work for most home setups. I have a somewhat spread out workstation so we shall see if they are long enough later. If you intend to use these speakers for a game console such as Playstation 2 or Xbox an adapter is included so you can do that. I will take a look at doing that at the end of this review and test it out.

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