Logitech Wave Keyboard Review


Hybrid Ergo

There have been many, many, many different keyboards for personal computers over the years.  Ergonomic boards, tough boards, media boards, gaming boards: boards that climb on rocks… and there have been a few that many people like, but they become discontinued and obsoleted in favor of the company’s next generation products.

One of my favorite keyboards was the Microsoft Natural keyboard… it had media functions, programmable keys, a good ergonomic feel, and a new “delete/home” (with an enlarged delete button) that I’ve grown accustomed to.  Sadly, this keyboard is hard to find, and the few extra features of Microsoft’s latest ergonomic keyboard are just plain useless.

An answer to the super-ergonomic keyboards are the new “wave” type of keyboards, which appear to be a hybrid between a regular flat keyboard and ergonomic.  The keys are usually curved so your fingers don’t have to reach so far to hit the top row of keys, and some are slightly cupped to cradle your finger’s natural position.  Logitech enters the fray for your fingertips with their new “Wave” keyboard.


One-touch controls give you direct access to many of the new features in Windows Vista™, including Flip 3D, Zoom, Photo Gallery, and Gadgets. Programmable F-keys add instant access to favorite applications, games, folders, and Web pages. A cushioned palm rest encourages a relaxed position for typing.

  • Wave key design: Contoured wave-shaped key design conforms naturally to your fingers.
  • Constant Curve design: A curved profile and uniform-size keys promote an ergonomically correct, more comfortable hand position. Start enjoying the benefits instantly, without having to re-learn typing on a different keyboard layout.
  • Cushioned, contoured palm rest: The soft surface encourages a relaxed position for long typing sessions.
  • Adjustable keyboard height: Use the three-way tilt legs to set the height to suit your personal style.
  • Audio cable management: Keep headphone cords out of the way by routing them through the channel on the underside of the keyboard.

Control and Convenience

  • Easy access to Windows Vista™: Large, one-touch controls give you direct access to key Windows Vista™ features, including Flip 3D, Zoom, Photo Gallery, and Gadgets.
  • Instant media access: Use the convenient one-touch controls for volume and media playback. A dedicated button starts Media Center and Front Row.
  • Programmable F-keys: Get instant access to favorite applications, games, folders, and Web pages with customizable F-keys.

Package Contents

  • Logitech® Wave Keyboard™
  • Plastic keyboard dust cover
  • CD with software, comfort guidelines, and help center
  • Quick Start guide
  • 5-year limited hardware warranty
  • Full product support