Logitech Repair Policy Change

Logitech has changed their repair support policy.

Over a year ago, we reviewed an exciting Logitech PC gaming product, the Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset (reviewed here).  As noted in the article, our review unit came with a broken LED light on the microphone.  I decided to get this repaired while the headset was still under warranty, so I called the tech support number.

The Logitech support team was very friendly and helpful, and they stated they would send out a new unit and I could ship the old unit back in the box with a pre-paid return label.  This level of assistance is above and beyond what is expected in this day and age, and I was ecstatic to hear it.

Without dragging the story out too long… we never received our new package or any confirmation of any sort.  Nearly a month later we received an email from the support team stating that there has been a policy change, and they require the broken headset back before they will issue a new one.

Logitech G930 Headset

I completely understand Logitech’s viewpoint, as this may be a reaction to abuse of their generous replacement policy. Logitech continues to make innovative and quality products, and I highly recommend many of their items for PC enthusiasts.

Just know that if you have a support issue that requires repair or replacement, then you may do without your Logitech gear during the shipping phase.

Logitech’s Customer Support can be reached at  646-454-3200 in the US, and 866-934-5644 in Canada.

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