Logitech G700 Wireless Laser Mouse Review


Seeker of the Throne

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  • Logitech G700 Wireless Laser Mouse
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  • Last modified: September 12, 2014

Review Summary:

The Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse scored the highest marks in every category, which earns it our rarely-used "Perfect" award badge.

I’ve been using computer mice pretty much ever since Microsoft’s first ball mouse.  Since they became popular in home computing, there have been many different types to appeal to consumers.  We have seen the rise (and fall) of mouse balls, optical technology, lasers, increased resolution, LCD displays, ergonomic designs, wireless technology, onboard memory, programmable buttons, and the evolution of scroll wheels.  There have been a few close contenders, but after all these years of potential innovation, I have yet to come across one mouse that could be everything to everyone.

Could this be the ultimate mouse?

I have a rather high set of criteria for the “ultimate mouse”.  In short, such a product should have all of the features without any drawbacks of prior products.  I seek wireless technology without lag, a multitude of programmable buttons, onboard memory, high DPI, notched AND free scrolling, customizable resolution switching… oh, and it shouldn’t cost a lot, either.  I think I may have a serious heir to the throne in the Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse.  Can this rodent truly be everything to everyone?

Look at all those buttons…

Logitech seems to have intercepted my angry letters and discovered the surveillance footage of their corporate office security.  Instead of contacting the authorities, they took the high road and included these features in the G700.  While they were at it, they took away nearly every other complaint one would have about a mouse.  Some prefer a notched scroll wheel while others prefer a smooth frictionless motion.  How about both in one mouse?  You want a wireless mouse without lag, but the option to be wired when you need it?  Done.  You want onboard memory, 4 thumb buttons, profile switching, LED display, onboard memory, and a sexy office midget in leather chaps?  Done, done, done, and done (well, maybe not that last one).

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