I hear ya… there are alot of words that are overused so much that they lose their meaning.  They become filler words, so instead of “uh….” people are starting to overuse words like “literally”.

If you watch QVC for longer than 3 minutes you’ll hear a gross mis-use of the word.
“You can literally hang this on the wall…”
“Denzel Washington literally lights up the screen.”
“You’ll literally spread this on your lips”.
… like I would otherwise be confused.  You mean I just hang this on the wall?  Literally?
The only appropriate use of the word is when you use a phrase that could be mistaken for an exaggeration or metaphor.
If people would say what they mean instead of resorting to unknown words and phrases to fill space…
“You know what I’m sayin’?”… don’t get me started on that one…
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