Lian Li WB-01 Metal Case Wheels Review


How your PC rolls

Every time I go to a LAN party, I get asked the same question: “Where did you get wheels for your case?”. You see, my favorite case is one I’ve had for several years, the Lian Li V-1000 (click to see a shot of this wheeled case), which comes with great-looking aluminum metal casters. My response is that these wheels came with the case. Now I’ve found that you can buy these Lian Li WB-01 Metal Case wheels seperately, and install them onto any PC case.

The WB-01 wheel kit comes with a front and back set of wheels, rubber wheel covers (aka “tires”), and a bag of screws and nuts. The two wheel sets are secured to a mounting base with a full-length axle, and the base has four pre-drilled screw holes. The back set of wheels has a pull-out brake lever which prevents a square peg at the center of the axle from moving, thus preventing movement. The lever is designed to move the square peg if not already in proper alignment, which prevents any possible jamming.

Brake assembly engaged and disengaged

Lian Li Metal Casters for Case Wheel Stand Model: WB-01 Black or Silver

  • Wheels stand for case or other suitcase
  • With brake function
  • Full aluminum

Includes wheel set with screws thumb and mounting nuts.


  • (W)210mm x (H)40mm x (D)36mm
  • (W)210mm x (H)40mm x (D)85mm
  • Compatible with PC-P80 / PC-A77 / PC-A70 / PC-A71

On the next page we show you how to install the wheels onto any case…

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  1. wing nuts

    January 10, 2013 at 1:59 am

    They make make case look that much beefier

  2. Case Wheels

    April 28, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    Man these wheels are awesome! They make make case look that much beefier. They don't look good on a cheap case, just like spoilers look hideous on a Dodge Neon. Put them on a nice aluminum case for max effect

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