Lian Li V1000 Case Accessories Review



Lian Li cases are extremely popular these days, and it’s easy to see why. Many high-end computer systems call Lian Li their home because of the innovative designs, working space, light weight, and sheer workmanship of their cases.

There are many optional add-ons for Lian Li cases, and was kind enough to send over some accessories so we can play a little Lian Li dressup!

V-2000 Side Panel
Some of Lian Li’s more popular cases are the PC-V1000 and PC-V2000, but many people won’t risk cutting a window themselves. For one, the aluminum is very thick and would eat Dremel wheels for breakfast; and why cut a window when you can buy a professionally cut pre-fabbed window direct from Lian Li themselves?

Lian Li’s side panel with window for the PC-V2000 has a fairly large window that can allows its owner to peer into the soul of their computer system. The V2000 case is divided into two segments: a top portion containing the motherboard and externally-accessible components. The bottom segment contains internal-only components like the power supply and hard drives. This side window lets you see into the top segment of your case, hiding the bottom segment.

Installation: extra mounting features… Easy to Install on your Lian Li PC-V2000 Case. No Mods required.

  • Transparent side window panel
  • Anodized Silver or Black brushed
  • Crenulated edge panel

The construction of the side panel is very well executed with cross-braces around the window to keep it sturdy and secure the panel to the chassis. The window cutout has the same “saw-cut ” edge as the outer edge of the panel.

For those without a window in their flagship case, this side panel is the ultimate addition, and takes the least amount of effort. This provides some of the most impressive results with the least amount of work: just take off your old panel and install this new one. As an added bonus, you now have an extra Lian Li panel to perform some Dremel experiments.