Lian Li PC-Z60 Aluminum Mid-Tower Case


Those who know me, will be aware that I’m not a case person. I’d much rather have my systems sprawled across boxes or sitting on a test bench, and it’s all down to the time it takes to change components. For those in the computer industry, much like ourselves, you’ll know exactly what it’s like when you are forever changing components in a system, and for us it’s almost a daily chore to go with having a shower, brushing your teeth and after a short while it gets a bit tedious and repetitive to say the least.

There are moments in our lives when we stop and think and today is one of those days. A day when something makes you re-evaluate everything and from a first glance, the PC-Z60 from Lian Li is going to do exactly that.

Imagine it as an epiphany if you will, a product that looks so stylish and sounds so amazing on paper that you’d simply put that agonising pain of swapping components behind you, just so you get that inner child of yours smiling every time you see it in the corner of your eye. We had the same feeling with the Level 10 from Thermaltake but the novelty soon wore off on that monster.

Lian Li have always held a special place in my heart though, as they don’t do gimmicks, their products just work and look stunning in the process. So whilst the Z60 does look stunning and has all the correct ingredients for an amazing case, we hope that it lives up to that everlasting dream that we have and shows us why Lian Li are still the best.

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