Lian Li PC-A7110 Server Case Gallery

Front Angle

The Lian Li PC-A7110 is one of my favorite aluminum cases.  It doesn’t have a lot of eye candy in terms of acrylic windows, but is made completely of aluminum and is truly built to be a server.

It comes pre-installed with a bunch of extra bars to support long-ass option cards, and has a pre-installed backplane in the drive bay for instant hot-swap drives.  The included drive rails required a little bit of installation (you have to use Lian Li’s special screws to fit in the bay properly).

This case is also extremely roomy and supported a closing door (which could be modified to open on the left or right hinge).  It also had pre-drilled holes for Lian Li’s WB-01 Metal case wheels (review here), which I installed to make the case roll forwards and backwards… which you really need with a case this large.

We used this case as a test bed for several reviews, but never did a full-blown review on the case itself.  We took some awesome photos of this case, and it would be a shame to waste them, so here they are!