Lian-Li PC-9300 Case



It’s been years since I have actually used a desktop case, the last one I used probably held my 468SX2. Now there are not many desktops being made or used because everyone is using towers, but I still like the look of a desktop case. I have wanted to review a Lian-Li case since I started OCmodshop almost a year ago and I finally have gotten my chance. Xoxide sent me a Lian-Li 9300 which is one of Lian-Li’s desktop cases. Most of you already probably know that Lian-Li makes some of the best aluminum cases on the market right now in both looks and function. I wanted this desktop case for an upcoming project that I am going to do and be writing a guide on, but I am not going to say what its on. The Dimensions of this case are 360 x 132 x 430mm and it will hold a Micro ATX motherboard (MAX SIZE: 9.6″x9.6″). It has 2 x 5.25″ and 2 x 3.5″ drive bays, 2 ball bearing 40mm fans, 2 USB2.0 ports, and comes with some aluminum bezels, and a 3.5″ mounting kits for a floppy drive.

The box is pretty plain like most boxes with a picture of the case and a few features listed on the sides of it. When I opened it up I found a good amount of styrofoam which will do a great job protecting this case during shipping. The packaging style of this case is very similar to that of the Cooler Master ATC-101-SX2. The bottom of the case also has feet which are identical as far as I can tell, I like these feet they look cool.

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The front of the case is very cool looking; it has two exposed 5.25″ drive bays and two front USB ports which will support USB 2.0. There is also a power button, reset button, and a LED for each. Along the top of the front part of the case runs a blue plastic strip which lights up with a blue LED. Taking a look at the back you can see that there are four expansion slots and on the opposite side a place for a SFX power supply which is also called a micro ATX power supply. The case has a traditional I/O back plate and the case comes with two 40mm fans which are connected to a fan speed controller. You can also see that on both sides of the back of the case that there is a thumbscrew so that you can get in and out easily.

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I like the power button and the reset button, they are both a good size and easy to push, the reset button could have been a little bigger but it’s fine. Lian-Li has a tradition of using carbon fiber panels on their cases or at that’s what it is supposed to be. The carbon fiber is on the side of bezel on the front of the case and looks really cool. I have always liked the carbon fiber look Lian-Li on cases. There are also two USB ports on the front of the case which can supoprt USB 2.0 as long as your motherboard does.

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