LEPA 17-Inch Notebook Cooler


LEPA introduces the latest notebook cooler, the Lepad S17, the first LEPA notebook cooler with speaker function. It is an ideal mate with 17” widescreen NB.

The common NB comes with limited size speakers, which would give anaemic sounding. Lepad S17 integrates a pair of powerful speakers providing an excellent audio output. This immediately upgrades your NB audio and let you enjoy various dynamic music, alone or with your friends.

Furthermore, Lepad S17 follows the design of LEPA notebook coolers, featuring a wide-area metal mesh in an extremely sleek looking and solid platform. The fan speed can be manually controlled to get the right balance between silence and performance.

Lepad S17 has a USB extender for an additional USB port (for devices with power consumption lower than 100mA), which users can have the same number of USB ports available while connecting the Lepad S17 and their laptop.

MSRP: $45.99

For more information and detailed specs from LEPA, please visit : http://www.lepatek.com