Legend: Legacy of the Dragons


It’s the high of summer in Faeo, the lands of the fantasy MMORPG “Legend: Legacy of the Dragons”. The heat is making all creatures restless, especially the mighty Dragons Erifarius and Striagorn. They long for battle, blood and carnage!

The time of the Dragon Battles draws near. The old cunning lizards will join their favorite race – Magmars and Humans – in a march into the enemy’s territory and wreak havoc in the search for their counterpart. Come to Faeo and fight alongside your brethren in the biggest battles ever to be fought in Khair and Ogry, the home continents of the two races. Valor and honor await all those warriors who follow their patron dragon into battle.

Starting on Friday, July 15th there will be one major PvP slaughter each week until the dragons meet in the final confrontation. So grab your gear and prepare yourself for the Dragon Battles in Faeo! For more information visit http://warofdragons.com

“Legend: Legacy of the Dragons” is an award winning MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). The engaging storyline takes the player into the everlasting conflict between the two races of the Magmars and the Humans in the mystical fantasy world of Faeo. The User has to chose on which of the two sides to join in and then starts to interact with the world. Massive PvE- and PvP-Battles with up to 500 warriors on either side, a dynamic fighting-system as well as innumerable mighty weapons, spells and armours in a world with hundreds of quests and thousands of items – that is the world of “Legend: Legacy of the Dragons”.  Highly detailed individualised characters and a choice between a huge number of professions and careers add to the diversity.

By now “Legend: Legacy of the Dragons” has been released in seven different languages and has over eight million followers world-wide. Regularly organized events and continuous updating of the game have extended its content from an original 200.000 words to over 750.000 words by now.