Left 4 Dead Used as Training Simulator by Military


Last line of defense

If you’ve ever been to Idaho, you’ll agree with me that’s it’s a nice place to visit.  They have more potatoes than anyone else really cares to brag about.  But there’s something else there just behind the thin veil of potato chips and skinheads.  There is a group of people living on a twenty-acre tract of land nestled in the hills just outside of Mountain Home, Idaho.  They claim to be the last line of defense against a force so great that most of the world shudders at the very thought of its existence.

A female recruit practices her aim on paper zombie targets.

“I can tell you one thing, when it all comes crashing down and it’s just us against them, this is one soldier that won’t go softly into that good night with a f#ckin’ zombie chomping on his neck”.  Says Tom Bordonix, founder and leader of the NecroResistance.  That’s right, they are preparing to fight hordes of zombies and defend this nation we call home.  Most call them crazy.  Some have even gone so far as to have them turned in to local authorities as a public nuisance.  “But there’s no stopping us.  We are going to see our training through and ensure a safe tomorrow for our children and their children.”  Tom proclaims.

Tom Bordonix was born and raised in Mountain Home.  The son of a local buisness woman and a stay-at-home dad, Tom was home-schooled and spent much of his time in front of the television after his lessons.  One of his favorite shows came on TNT each Saturday night.  That show was MonsterVision with Joe Bob Briggs as the host.  Tom never missed a single Saturday in front of the boob tube.  One night, MonsterVision played a series of zombie flicks from the 1980s, and Tom was never the same.

The NecroResistance wants to desensitize its members early.

“It occured to me from the plots of government tampering with genetics and all the different viruses we have created, that one day reanimating the dead is entirely possible.  Not only possible, but probable.”  Says Tom.

So, with the help of a few friends he met in an online zombie chatroom, they began to raise awareness about the possiblity of a zombie invasion.  Tom took his life savings and bought the twenty-acre plot of land outside of his home town with the intention of setting up a training ground for people who wanted to fight alongside him and his friends.  Within days, the requests to join him flooded his email account.  And so, the NecroResistance was born.  He and his crew moved into the old factory on his land and began transforming it into a base camp and training center.  Up until last year, they were getting ready to start building an underground bunker.  Then the digging stopped.

A real-life model of the L4D Tank, used for target practice on the range.

Tom traveled to Seattle in September of 2008 to the Penny Arcade Expo, a place he claims holds droves of potential future Necros.  While there, he got the chance to sit down and play Left 4 Dead.  “My world was changed once again.”  Tom claims.  “All this time we were spending physically training for a zombie-filled future, and there was no mental preparation going on.  I knew I had to bring this game back to the compound and get it set up immediately.”

Valve’s Left4Dead Booth at PAX 08

And so Tom did.  Within days of the release of the demo, Tom had an array of computers set up in one of the rooms and had it installed on every one of them.  He and his followers spent hours every day, along with their usual training, playing the game and preparing their minds to take on hundreds of zombies at once.  After a few months of playing the game, Tom decided that the time had come to take his cause public.  “The money was beginning to run out and we needed sponsors.  Some of us could have gotten jobs and kept things going that way, but we need everyone training at all times.”