Left 4 Dead at PAX 2008


Game of the Year material

Get ready for something…original. Left 4 Dead had a kiosk set up in PAX and we were fortunate enough to get our hands on it.

The first thing you notice in the game is its constant attention to detail. The walls have phrases written on it that the developers said were there to help expand the story, each Zombie out of the hundreds looks unique, and the environments have such a texture to them that rivals that of anything released prior.

In the version we played we were sat down with a character armed with a automatic and nothing else and told to survive in the city. After choosing our weapons and where to go, we opened a door and went downstairs to take on hordes of zombies.

Apparently, the game has directoral AI, meaning that no room is the same. You can walk in and get slaughtered by hordes of zombies, or enter a nice clean empty room with none of those brain eating monsters hanging around, the sky’s the limit.

Other areas were subways, garages and other things that gave us more reason to panic.

Part of fun of the game is the frantic attacks by zombies. The game wastes no time in sending hordes after you for you to deal with, you have to depend on your fellow players to save your butt from all the zombies that knock you down, or you go down fighting.

Even if you are the last character alive, you can pull out your pistol while stuck on the ground and fire away while your life saps down. Even though you’re dead, you go down just like in the movies.

In the version we played we had a subway, a garage, and a few buildings to deal with until yours truly opened a gate way to early and had hordes of zombies for him and his partners to deal with. Of course we died because of my mistake.

Left 4 Dead still continues to impress and at the level it is at right now, we have a conteder for game of the year…and the game isn’t even finished yet.

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