Last Night was Fun

Last night was really fun….. I’ll post pictures later…I have to get some more batteries for my camera.

There was actually a guy at the LAN that said “What we have a girl among us?” After I’d been there for like….4 hours. Genius. There was another girl there, but she was kinda fugly…. that’s mean of me isn’t it…??
Alan approached me with an interesting question… he asked me if I could make piano recording of some classic video game music, like Mario Bros, or Zelda, or Final Fantasy. If we put it as a midi on the site, would anyone download it? Any takers?
I went out to lunch with my friends today at Red Robin. We had a weird waiter that was trying to hit on us but was very unsuccessful. Perhaps he was turned off when we started talking about male strippers… haha Plus he was a crappy waiter… no fresh water, no ketchup (I had to ask like..3 times), no DRINK!! GRRRR….. loser
Hey and I thought I’d make my MSN s/n public knowledge: It’s fun to chat with staff from the site or site fans. (Do we have site fans yet? HOLLA!!!) Put me on the list!!
Tonight is the season finale of Desperate Housewives, I’m sooo excited!!!
Only 2 more weeks left of school… I’ve decided to get an AS in biology and fulfill my nursing requirements so I can be an RN and then maybe go to med school. That would be fun. :)
Oh, and wives need to give it up to their husbands. ‘Nuf said.
Trisha had a really epic biography, but made us take it down. Something to do with government conspiracies, Cthulu, and being the "Chosen One" or something. You can follow her on Twitter @TrishaDuerr.