Lapchilla Notebook Cooler Review



The bad part about many laptops is that they really push the thermal limits of their generation, which translates into hot knees if you actually have the computer on your lap.  To counter this, vendors have produced many different contraptions meant to cool the underside of your portable PC, while trying to add additional functionality at the same time.

There are so many laptop coolers on the market that we really can’t keep track of them.  All of them have some sort of cooling mechanism by the way of fans, but they all differ greatly in different respects.  Some are quiet, some are metal, some have speakers, some offer additional storage, but I have never encountered the “one cooler to rule them all”.

Coolink has produced their entry into the fray with their LapChilla notebook cooler, which tries to cater to different laptop users.  It is very light, and therefore portable, but also supports a tilt feature that many road warriors may appreciate when they reach a temporary camp.  Here’s the marketing fluff…

Product Lapchilla (Laptop Cooler)
Color White
Material ABS Plastic
Dimension 300 x 270 x 25 mm
Weight 800 grams
Adjustable Tile Angle 15 to 32 °
Fan Size 220 mm
Fan Speed 600 rpm
Airflow 50 m3/h
Acoustic Noise 16 dB/A
Input Power 0.5 W
Input Current 0.1 A
Power Type USB


Are you tired of getting a hot lap when working with your notebook on your legs?

Thanks to its big base area as well as the adjustable tilt angle that ensures optimal ergonomics, the LapChilla is perfectly suited for both office use and working on your lap. The built-in 220mm fan will provide your laptop with quiet, highly efficient cooling, thereby reducing the risk of heat-related failures.

Weighing only 0.8kg, the LapChilla can be completely collapsed so that it easily fits common laptop bags. Whether it’s on your couch, on campus or in the metro: The LapChilla looks great just about anywhere!

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