Language, Dammit!

Alright I know that English is not everyone’s first language. I also know that the United States is (not extremely.. but..) welcoming to immigrants, and as a result many public service places (DMV’s, court houses, social security offices, hospitals) are bilingual to accomodate them. I am not racist. However, when I was in Canada, I spoke French. When I was in Germany, I spoke German. When I’m in America, I speak English. Even when working in the mall, I still spoke English to German and French-speaking people. I think that English should be the US’s official language. Public servants should not have to be bi or trilingual to accomodate people who do not speak the language. It should be understood that when you visit (or LIVE IN!!!) a different county whose national language is different from your own, you should at least speak enough of it to get around.

Part of the reason I am angry is that I was in the DMV today. You cannot take the English driving test in Spanish, because our road signs are in ENGLISH!! These people needed an interpreter to get their drivers license. If you can’t answer date of birth or read the number they’re serving on the sign, YOU SHOULDN’T BE DRIVING! Yes I’m shouting, sorry, but I’m really frusterated.
Last thing… many people are frusterated about not having voting rights because they’re illegal aliens. Well, if you can’t read the position (president, vice president, mayor) on the ballot, how the f*ck do you know who to vote for? You shouldn’t vote if you can’t understand english!
Like I said, I’m not racist. I have no problem with different cultures being in this melting pot we call the US. However, if you’re going to be in this country for a fair amount of time, learn the language! It’s not hard! Point and grunt! We understand and will help you, just like every other foreign country does for us!
I can so speak German! Atleast enough to get myself around! I passed elementary German with a 3.8! You’re a goober.
I knew about that, however they’ve been tap-dancing around announcing it as the OFFICIAL language… we’ll see…
Okay I don’t mean to offend anyone or spark a debate….
But I believe if you want to vote, you should pay taxes. Illegal aliens want to have a say in the country’s elections, but they don’t want to pay taxes on the money they’ve made here. My mother in-law works in a hospital, and says that these illegal aliens always say “charity, charity” when filling out the forms because they don’t want to pay. Well sh*t… they shouldn’t be able to mooch off of this country and not pay anything for the money they’re making…. what’s fair for us should be fair for them too without exception.
My family is all immigrants too… Dutch and German… so I feel for people. However, my families did the right thing…by becoming citizens. I understand that they want a better life for their families… but to have a say in a country’s laws… you need to be a citizen. I understand that illegal aliens may be taking jobs that we Americans just don’t want to work…. but hey… they should be paying taxes on the money they’re making! It would be different if they weren’t making a ton of money… but they are. Besides… is being an illegal immigrant really better for your family?
I’m all for people having dual-citizenship and working in this country… but don’t expect me to feel sorry for you if you can’t get a house because you don’t have a social security number. All it takes is for you to raise your right hand and take a history class.
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