LAN Today

So today is the LAN. I have to pick Steven up at 5:30 and then we’ll be off! I’ll make sure to take fun pictures so you all can see!!

Alan is trying to get me to wear a bikini to the LAN party… he keeps telling me it’s like 90 degrees because of all of the computers… that’s just what we need, twenty-five guys typing one-handed after I get there… yah that’ll be a slow and boring LAN…….
I always call it my “self-esteem boost for the month”. I firmly believe anything with two X chromosomes is picked up on radar…. even if it’s a wildebeest…. oh well. It’ll be fun… we’re going to take lots of screen shots for my reviews coming up! That’s exciting!
I had the worst gig last night. It was a graduation party for some students that went to the highschool I graduated from 2 years ago. Of course, it’s the popular kids who have no respect for good music… and none of them know me because they were all too busy primping. Oh well. So the lady asked me for “evening music” which translated in my mind as “classical and some slower pop songs”. So I brought tons of classical music and some slower Beatles songs. During a Chopin piece the lady walks up to me and asks for me to “up the tempo” a bit. I got completely frusterated! This is what she asked for, isn’t it!?!?!? So I pulled her aside and told her what I expected… also I told her I was irritated because the audience wasn’t interacting (they’re supposed to have requests!) and the kids were literally screaming over the piano. So I told her I’d give her an hour, and then if it wasn’t better I was leaving.
Guess what? It only got worse…. i kept getting requests for Usher. WTF? You can’t play Usher on the piano! Besides who listens to that sh*t? Ugh… and the kids just got louder…. and louder… AND LOUDER. So I went up to June (the lady) and said “Dude, I can’t hear myself play over the noise. I think this was bad planning, because this gig is turning out to be a complete flop. Please pay me so I can rid myself of this god-forsaken party!” Okay, so I didn’t say the last part, but still! So I played for 2 hours and got $150. One girl asked me if I was doing this for free! I said “do you really think I would subject myself to this torture for nothing? I get paid $75 an hour.” Ugh they fricking pissed me off….I still have a headache from all of the noise.
feel sorry for me… someone… please….
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