LAN Party and poop

This weekend I went to a LAN party… didn’t end up playing any games, but I did copy a few things.  They had a LOCAL World of Warcraft server and with modified options.  The max level was upped to 255 and the XP to level up was severely reduced!

My freakin’ glasses broke!  I have 2 titanium frames, and one of the arms broke right off the hinge!  Good thing it’s still under warranty.  So, now I’m wearing my “Drew Carey” glasses cuz I can’t find my other titanium frames.
Gonna try and get Trisha to record some video game music on the piano… there’s a music store that we can record in that has $100K grand pianos that we might be able to record on.  Of course I’ll record at 24-bit 96KHz and sample it down to CD-quality.  We’re gonna do a trial run to see what response we get, and if it takes off then Trish will work on a full album.  I’m imagining that I’ll have to promote the album through different channels other than OCMS for it to really take off, so I’ll have to research this.  Depending on how big this gets will determine how “serious” we get… true CD mastering and pressing, etc…
I’m gonna have to research what video game themes are public domain and what is copyrighted.  What kind of stuff would you like to hear?  One of my favorites is Monkey Island and the Ultima 4 themes.  I have MIDIs of them so I might just push them thru a synthesizer and publish them on the site… what do you guys think?
So I’m having frozen burritos for lunch!  The bag I got at Costco said it contained 6 chicken and 6 steak burritos… I went thru the bag today and it’s nothing but ckicken!  Dammit!
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