Lame Video Game Store Employees

Why don’t they hire video game nerds at video game stores? When I go up and ask when a new game is coming out..they shouldn’t go “derr…where’s my manager”….they should say “yah, that game is awesome! June 28th!”. Also, I should be able to ask if a certain game sucks and they should know! They are allowed to play games on the systems when they are slow! (Atleast that’s what a Gamestop manager told me.) I wish they’d get more involved with local LAN’s and actually be knowledgable about the products they are selling. Jeez, guess knowledge is a novelty in these retail shops nowadays… anyway I’m pissed…… anyone else have a similar experience?

I love 16-year-olds full of zits..I usually hit on them so they’ll go away…..they don’t actually know anything other than some stupid review they read somewhere, then they copy it so that they sound cool. I guess minimum wage isn’t really motivation though… and I’d expect them to know release dates as well, especially because THEY HAVE A CALENDAR!!!!

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