Ladies of PAX 2007


Conan vixens and PSP hotties

Walking around the exhibition floor at PAX can be rather exhausting. There are crowds of people in the way, but luckily there are lots of hot gamer ladies to bump into “accidentally”. I’m quite a big guy, so it was only a matter of time before I would make some of these gaming mavens a little uncomfortable. Many were happy to pose and show off their costumes and clever T-shirts.

Since PAX was nearly three times larger than last year, there were more booth babes. Only a few booths had true models, but many of the game PR managers and producers were beautiful women, and are more than happy to talk with everyone.

Of course, since I’m a big Internet Celebrity, I had to beat the women off with a stick. “Nay, nay!”, I said. “I’m very flattered that you find me irresistable, but I’m married to a wonderful woman. Don’t cry, you’ll find someone to love you.” Well, that’s what it sounded like in my head at least…

The Conan Vixen

I found myself at the THQ booth, where they were showing off the highly anticipated Age of Conan, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, and several other games. Age of Conan of course was getting alot of attention, not only because the graphics and gameplay are amazing, but there was a scantily-clad barbarian in a buckskin bikini. She looked lovely even when she was covered, but as I pulled out the camera, she happy opened her tan robes for me to snap a few quick pics.

Pirates of the Burning Loins, er, Sea…

One of the friends I met with last year, Jodi, had joined Flying Lab Software and was helping to show off their new piratey MMORPG, “Pirates of the Burning Sea”. Their booth was pretty active, and they had an awesome T-shirt cannon that shot promotional shirts into the surrounding crowd. Jodi looked lovely in her pirate outfit.

The Sony PSP Lite Ladies

How do you get gamers that won’t touch your product to get close enough to try it out? Why with hot models brandishing the gadget around their waists, of course! Not only were these girls beautiful, but they knew their stuff about the PSP. Sarah (the brunette) showed me how the new PSP has a smaller footprint, larger screen, improved analog stick (it has a little more give and zero-point). Sarah also demonstrated how the loading mechanism is much easier to open, as the popped it open with her thumb while still clutching the PSP. Although I have a thing for redheads, I didn’t get a chance to talk with the lovely ginger model.