Koolcase Matrix Case Review



Case modders are usually upgrading their machines, and why not place the overclocked innards into a shiny new shell? There are many online vendors offering different styles to play computer dress-up, some better than others. It may be difficult to find the perfect case from all the big-name online vendors.

It is not even necessary to pull out the Mighty Dremel, as many cases are pre-modded these days with a variety of features, from windows to colored lighting. Koolcases is a newer distributor of computer cases and accessories. They offer many different case styles to suit a variety of tastes.

This case popularizes the science fiction movies by naming the case the same: the Matrix, although has no affiliation with the film. This case should also not be confused with the Chenming Matrix case, which is an entirely different product. It comes with “the original” X-window and a generic 350 watt power supply.

The case came packaged in a standard brown cardboard box with a simple angle drawing of the case printed on the sides, along with the vaguely descriptive “Case 2003 – Original X-window Case” caption. Opening the 22 pound box revealed the case enclosed in bubble wrap and flanked by 2 strong styrofoam pillars.

The air bubbles in this wrap are rather large, providing excellent cushon, and more importantly pop most satisfactorily. Unraveling the bubble wrap leaves the case in a protective plastic bag, and the window is further protected by an adhesive plastic sheet. Koolcases certainly doesn’t want this thing marred in shipping!

The Matrix case is a standard steel ATX form factor with 4 5.25 bays, 2 3.5 inch bays, and four hidden drive bays. The case comes with 2 80mm fans, one installed in the X-window, and the other behind a front intake port. It has room for 2 80mm exhaust fans and comes with a front USB 2.0 connector. It comes with a generic (L&C brand) P4-ready 350 watt ATX power supply. A box of goodies is taped to the bottom of the case, which includes a mini PC-speaker header, four vinyl feet, an adapter for the front LEDs, a USB pin diagram, and various screws.


  • ATX Form factor
  • Dimensions 17”H x 18.75”W x 18.75” D.
  • Case entry: 2 removable side panels
  • Removable motherboard tray
  • Case fans: 2 80mm fans
  • Max motherboard size: 12” x 10”
  • Front USB 2.0 connector
  • Lighted Colored air intake port
  • 2 exhaust fan grills
  • 350 watt power supply
  • 4 5.25” drive bays
  • 2 3.25” drive bays
  • 4 hidden drive bays