Kontrol Freek CQC and Havoc Thumb Grips Review

Kontrol Freek CQC and Havoc Thumb Grips Review
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Some time ago I got a chance to try out the first thumb grips put out by Kontrol Freek.  I was a little put off by them, and wasn’t too sure they would be worth the time to even test.  I simply didn’t think that adding an extra ¼ inch or so to my Xbox 360’s thumbsticks would do anything for gameplay.  A couple years later, I have Kontrol Freek thumb adapters on all the controllers in my house.

When I found out that KF was releasing a new set of grips, I had to check them out.  They were nice enough to send me their FPSFreek CQC Signature Series grips as well as their FPSFreak Havoc grips.  They also sent me a sticker, which I stuck on the back of my laptop to make me look cooler in public.  Just kidding.  I don’t go out into public.

The new grips arrived in Kontrol Freek’s own custom bubble envelope with their logo printed on it.  Inside were the CQC Signature Series and the Havoc sets.  As well as a card that was hand-written by the PR folks at KF.  Short and sweet, and ended with the words “Much love, Kontrol Freek”.  Okay, a little weird, but that’s fine.  As long as they don’t start sending me Valentine’s cards.  Here’s a little info on these before we get started:

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