Kingston HyperX X2 4GB Memory


Memory is very much of a muchness, wit the overall style the same and it all does the same job. Of course it’s up to the memory manufacturer if they want to make things stand out and look a bit prettier than the competition and that’s exactly what Kingston have done with the HyperX Genesis series RAM with its silver heatspreaders that is bound to go with pretty much any system colour scheme you have.

In regards to doing the same job, whilst that is true, some memory does a better job than others and we’ve generally found from the different brands we’ve looked at, that Kingston seems to do an amazing job no matter what. It’s generally compatible with the majority of platforms from different motherboard manufacturers and will almost always overclock quite substantially past its rated speeds.

You may remember the 2133MHz kit that we looked at back in June from Kingston which received our gold award due to its speed, performance and great overclocking potential and with the 1600MHz kit that we are looking at today breathing the same essence, we can only hope that we have another gold award to give out.

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