Killzone 2 Review


First Must-Have for 2009

Sony and Guerilla games have combined to produce the first must have game for 2009. Killzone 2 is a non-stop thrill ride that is easily the best first person shooter developed for the Playstation 3 console. The game follows up the events of the first game as well as the popular Kilzone: Liberation for the PSP.

Killzone 2 takes place on the Helghast home planet of Helghan. In response to an attack on a colony of the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance or ISA, a large group of soldiers has been dispatched in an effort to capture the Helghast Emperor and bring an end to the conflict.

Players are put in the role of Sergeant Tomas Sevchenko or “Sev” He has unit are dispatched behind enemy lines in an effort to pave the way for the main attack force. No sooner do you land when players realize that the hostile enemy is not the only thing facing them, as the planet has a very harsh and severe ecosystem that will hamper their war efforts.

Players work with other A.I. controlled soldiers to achieve strategic objections such as opening flood gates, knocking out rocket batteries and incoming armor divisions all the while running and gunning against the battle hardened enemy soldiers, who clad in their dark armor and Nazi Stormtrooper like helmets and glowing red eyes make for an intimidating foe.

Thankfully players will have a wide assortment of weapons to aid in their battle ranging from assault rifles, pistols, rocket launchers, grenades and fixed weapons. I was very grateful to liberate an enemy machine gun nest as being able to turn their own weapons on and advancing legion as well as cut a building to shreds around entrenched snipers really gave me a sense of satisfaction.