relaunches as all-new entertainment lifestyle site


LONDON, UK (July 5, 2011) – Kikizo Ltd, publisher of the long-established consumer gaming site Video Games Daily, today announced its biggest development to date as it transforms into a brand new entertainment destination, proudly bearing the site’s original ‘Kikizo’ name.

·         The new is a reborn website about “Everything That Matters, And Plenty That Doesn’t”, a general-interest entertainment and lifestyle blog for a digital generation immersed in social media, technology, gaming, film, TV and music; an audience that’s as interested in how businesses give us entertainment, as the entertainment itself. The new Kikizo covers gaming with the same dedication it always has, but now there’s a whole lot more to keep audiences entertained. Further details can be found in the launch announcement at:

·         The original website, Video Games Daily, founded in 2003, is on a break until further notice, and lives on in the new A gaming site that frequently punched above its weight and upset the big boys, its original 8-year archive of exclusive games content and the best ever years in gaming are jointly celebrated in a special showcase and highlights archive:

·         Meanwhile the company also updated its business site with the new information and a full 15-year history timeline at:

About Kikizo Ltd

Kikizo is a B2C web publisher and B2B design & content solutions partner founded by Adam Doree in 2003.

B2C: Kikizo publishes the brand new 2011 entertainment lifestyle website, and is well renowned for its ground-breaking original 2003 property of the same name, which rebranded as Video Games Daily in 2009 and is now showcased at

B2B: In addition to offering advertising opportunities, Kikizo is an experienced provider of contract publishing content solutions for entertainment and media businesses, and now also offers a range of beautiful creative and design services online and in print.