Kameo Elements of Power


Don't make her mad

Title Kameo : Elements of Power
ESRB Rating Teen (animated blood and violence)
Developer Rare
Publisher Microsoft
Release Date Nov 22, 2005
Platform Xbox 360
Genre Platformer
Console Features 2 player co-op, 100KB save game, HDTV 720p, content download, leaderboards, supports family settings

War! The countryside is ravaged by it. The good king and his family have been duped by the Princess Kalus who has aligned herself with the evil Troll King Thorn. They want to rule the land by putting it in their evil grasp and having captured the royal family during the throes of battle, victory seems assured. The land is besieged by massive battles as dragons roam the sky and Trolls engage in combat with the forces of good. But it isn’t enough, the tide of war is not on the elves’ side and all hope seems to be lost. But wait…

Walking into this two-way slug-fest is a lone hero, one who may stop this steamroller of death and destruction, one who possesses the ability to morph into fantastical creatures capable of great feats. She is the second elven princess and her name is Kameo.

Taking place in a mythical land, Kameo places the player smack-dab in the title role of Kameo, a headstrong princess who must roam the countryside rescuing the elemental creatures that she can transform into. The land is alive and brilliant with creatures working and doing their business just as one would expect even as war is occuring. As headstrong Kameo, your initial offensive to save your family led to a world class butt-whoopin’ by Thorn. But now with the help of the good wizard Ortho (who has placed himself into a magical book called the Wotnot) and the repulsive yet helpful Mystic, Kameo has a slim chance to save the kingdom.

Kameo is viewed from a 3rd person perspective with a dynamic camera that follows her every move. As an elf, Kameo can float, jump and do a wicked backflip kick in order to move around. Using the Wotnot book, players can have three of the elemental spirits ready to go at the push of a button and store the other elementals inside it’s pages. Accessing the Wotnot book, you can assign one of three Elementals to the face buttons on the controller. Not that you start the game with Elemental spirits.

You see anytime the kingdom is at stake the chances are that the lone chance at saving it will involve an uphill battle and Kameo is no different. Starting off, you are told that the elementals all have been captured by a splinter group of the Trolls called the Shadow Trolls. These Shadow Trolls have the Elementals trapped inside their evil lairs and their power negated. Only by adventuring to these sinister locales will Kameo be able to do battle against and free the trapped Elemental. Once the Elemental has been freed, Kameo can merge with it and unleash it’s full power, only to store it in the Wotnot and use it when necessary.