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Infinite Money
In the town with the plant people there is a store. Look behind you and you will see a hill. On top of the hill is a house. In the house there is pots, pumkins, and a dresser. Break open the pots and pumkins to get runes. Open the dresser to get more money.

Keep on leaving and coming back to the house and there will still be money in the pumpkins and pots, plus there will be money in the dresser.

Unlocking Sprites
sprite task
Ash Rescue Halis
Rubble Defeat the Shadow Troll in the Forgotten Forest
Pummel Weed Defeat the shadow Troll in the Enchanted Kingdon
Chilla Rescue Lenya
Major Ruin Defeat the Shadow Troll in Lobster Hollow
Flex Defeat the Shadow Troll in Sulfer Cabe
Deep Blue Defeat the Shadow Troll in Water Cave
40 Below Defeat the shadow troll in the Ice Cave
Thermite Defeat the Shadow Troll at Ogre Swamp
Snare Rescue Yeros



Acquiring Crystal Eyes
sprite task
Eye of Restoration – As Kameo, restores Health Under a shell in the Enchanted Kingdom
Eye of Protection – Increases Defence, Decreases Attack Near the top of the Ancient Tower
Eye of Spirit Past the portal to the mainland there is a large door that needs lit dragon heads to open. Flame them and go through another door like it. The Eye is hidden in a hallway behind a sheet.
Eye of Defense In the Hall of mirrors, use Thermite’s Mortal ability to blow up the status in the middle.
Eye of Strength Go to the chamber of Living Portraits in the center of the Enchanted Kingdom’s Palace. There you will see a statue of Thorn, who is holding an orb with a hole in the middle. Within that hole is the Eye of Strength. Morph into Thermite, approach the statue. Aim a bomb shot so that a bomb will either hit the orb, or go into the hole where the Eye is. The statue will explode and the eye will drop to the floor.

Thorn’s Castle High Score Unlockables
Get the specified score or higher to get the unlockable

Kameo High Score Unlockables
unlockable points
Thorn’s Castle
Alternate Kameo Costume 100,000
Making Backgrounds Video 500,000
Troll Song 1,000,000
Concept Video 1,500,000
Test Cutscene 2,000,000
Cheats Set #1 2,500,000
Forgotten Forest Unlockables
Wotnot Book Video 800,000
Alternate Rubble Costume 1,200,000
Cutscene Player 1,600,000
Cheats Set #2 2,000,000
Alternate Pummel Weed Costume 400,000
Animation Video 200,000
Water Temple Unlockables
Alternate Major Ruin 2,000,000
Cutscene Videos 1,500,000
Alternate Ash Costume 1,000,000
Alternate Kameo Costume 500,000
Boss Fights 2,500,000
Cheat Set #3 3,000,000
Snow Temple Unlockables
Evolution of the Characters Video 500,000
Alternate Deep Blue Costume 1,000,000
Music Player 1,500,000
Alternate Chilla Costume 2,000,000
Character Model Video 2,500,000
Cheat Set #4 3,000,000
Thorn’s Pass Unlockables
Alternate Kameo Costume 2,500,000
Deleted Moves Video 3,000,000
Eveolution Video 3,500,000
Alternate Flex Costume 4,000,000
Animatic Videos 4,500,000
Cheat Set #5 5,000,000
Thorn’s Airship Unlockables
Early Footage Video 500,000
Deleted Scenes Videos 1,000,000
Alternate 40 Below Costume 1,500,000
Airship Concept Video 2,000,000
End Concept Video 2,500,000
Cheat Set #6 3,000,000
Total High Score Unlockables
Concept Art Set #1 9,000,000 Total
Concept Art Set #2 12,000,000 Total
Alternate Snare Costume 15,000,000 Total
Animatic Videos 2 18,000,000 Total
Deleted Cutscenes Video 21,000,000 Total
Alternate Thermite Costume 24,000,000 Total




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