i-Star BPU-2535V2 Dual 2.5 to 3.5-inch Enclosure Review


Easy way to use 2.5

Some computer enthusiasts have toyed with the idea of using laptop hard drives in their desktop PC. Because of their lower noise and heat, they are perfect for small builds, home theater PCs (HTPCs), or any other computer appliance where silence is golden. I’ve even known people who set up 2.5″ hard drives in a RAID array so they perform faster than a traditional hard drive, yet are practically silent. You may even have just a buttload of laptop hard drives laying around and want to get some use out of them.

Regardless of your reasons, placing a 2.5-inch hard drive into a desktop PC requires some special mounting hardware and interface adapters What if there was some hard drive enclosure that allowed you to not only easily use laptop drives in your rig, but allowed for hot-swapping as well? Well iStar USA has you covered with their BPU-2535V2 2.5-inch to 3.5-inch hard drive enclosure.

Below are the specifications and features of this nifty little gadget:

BPU-2535V2 internal drive cage is a compact and cost effective solution for an internal 3.5” drive cage with two 2.5” hard drives. It provides an extra storage within a compact design to satisfy many application needs. BPU-2535V2 is constructed of aluminum material that provides best heat dissipation required for high performance 2.5″ laptop SATA drives. It is easy and quick to install it into any tower or rackmount chassis.

Features & Specifications

Model Number BPU-2535V2
RoHS Compliance Version Yes
Standard Drive Bays 3.5″ Drive: 1
Host Interface SATA Power Connector x 1
Data Connector x 2
HDD Interface SATA I/II
Material Aluminum & Plastic
Packaging Information Enclosure, Manual, Screws, Keys
Dimensions (W x H x D) 101 x 25 x 150 mm
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Hard Drive Interface: SATA I/II
  • Fit one 3.5” Drive Bay for 2 x 2.5” Hard Disk Drives (thickness: up to 9.5mm)
  • Point to Point, Free from Master/ Slave Setting
  • With one SATA Power and two DATA Connectors
  • JBOD Support (two individual hard drives)
  • Energy Saving on Using 2.5″ HDDs or SSD
  • LED Indicators for Power & HDD access
  • Security Key Lock
  • RoHS Compliance

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