Is my system cool enough for overclocking?

Question from ntermini
“While my system is idle, my PC temp is reading 50degrees Celcius. The temp is provided by the Intel Thermal Analysis tool. I am interested in overclocking but have a feeling these no load temps are a bit high. Please let me know your thoughts.”

Answer from Yue_Hong
“Your system temperature is normal in idle, especially on Intel system. All my friends who is using Intel Pentium 4, and also Core 2 Duo system have the CPU temperature around 45 to 50 degree Celsius. However, you will get much cooler temperature when idle on AMD system. For example, mine AMD Athlon 64 3500+ CPU temperature usually is around 35 celsius on idle.”
Answer from dawwgbert
“your temps appear normal for stock cooling. i second the opinion of an aftermarket cpu cooler. btw, some require removal of the mb(for installation of a back plate) and some do not. i have a scythe ninja paired with the e6600. keeps my idle temps around 35c while oc’ed to 3.2ghz @ 1.35v.”

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