Internet Cowards


Don't Be a Dickwad

Today’s society practically warrants communicating by electronic means… either by instant messaging or email.  The great thing about that is that your message is almost instantly delivered and received, but the downfall is that people are getting used to straightforwardness to the point of being rude.  This behavior would not be acceptable if you were dealing with the same person face-to-face.

This is further coupled with the safety of anonymity that people receive when communicating on the Internet.  Nearly everyone is racist or otherwise intolerant of something, and you can easily find a cliche of people who feel exactly the same way you do.  If you are teased by someone at school, then you can get your frustrations out and have them heard by many different people.

Internet Dickwad Formula

The problem with putting your thoughts out into the Internet is that it can (and probably will) be read by those whom you don’t want to read it.  Many people have been fired, marriages have been broken, and others humiliated, scorned or beaten because someone found out some “private” information.

Now that my semi-broken preamble is written, I come to the point of this article… that email and other electronic messaging has made people cowards.

Nobody really has to interface with real people anymore.  Children ask for money from their parents, workers “call in sick” to their bosses, and people even break up or even divorce; all without having to deal with the confrontation or questioning of the other party.

While one is not exactly anonymous when sending an email, the electronic medium allows us to get every single issue off our chest, without rebuttal.  Many people who have a chip on their shoulder find that when they start talking about what bothers them, the issue snowballs into a large venomous pile of crap.