Intensafire Xbox 360 Controller Mod


Hack your 360 controller

BGRMods was at PAX 09, and was showing off their Intensafire mod. This product is essentially a pre-printed circuit board that is installed into any wireless Xbox 360 controller to give it enhanced fire abilities.

Unlike other modding products, the Intensafire was designed to be installed quickly without any soldering. Coy Christmas (yes that’s his real name) didn’t have any open controllers to show me, but explained how the installation is performed.

Works with: Left 4 Dead, the Call of Duty series, the Halo series, the Gears of War series, Street Fighter and all future games!

  • Works in all Xbox 360 wireless controllers
  • Dual rapid-fire & 5 mode sleeper
  • Customizable user-programmable mode
  • Easy 3-minute installation
  • Instructional videos at
  • Can be used in all Xbox 360 games
  • Does not require a more powerful battery
  • Easy to program for all future games

Once installed, the user can switch between five different firing modes, which are visually indicated by the LEDs around the Jewel button (the big-ass X in the center of the controller). The LEDs don’t seem to be very intuitive, but I didn’t get a chance to play with a modified controller for too long.

Coy mentioned that the firing modes are suited to different styles of gameplay.  The modes are toggled by pressing the ‘wireless seek’ button on the front of the controller… hence why this mod will not work with wired controllers. The five different firing modes are suited for:

  1. Call of Duty
  2. Halo and Modern Warfare 2-type games
  3. Call of Duty World at War (fast reload)
  4. Gears of War 2
  5. Programmable mode

The programmable mode allows the user to assign any key and perform macros, but I didn’t get a detailed explanation of how this works. It is also unclear to me exactly how each mode differs from each other. What was noticeable was how quickly guns fired and reloaded on Xbox 360 games… it almost appeared super-human, and would certainly be considered cheating when playing online. It is possible that use of this product could get you banned from Xbox Live.

Regardless of the ethical uses of this mod, it can easily enhance your single-player experience. The controller also works perfectly when used on the PC. BGR Mods has a PS3 and Wii version coming out later in September.
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