Installing A Thermal Probe To Your CPU



Not only socket thermistors unreliable in my opinion but they are also inconvenient. Whenever you want to check what your CPU temperature is you have to open some kind of software to see what it is. What happens though when you want to see what your CPU temp is when you are playing a full screen game like say Half-Life, Return To Castle Wolfenstein or Quake 3? With a Compunurse mounted on your CPU so that it is directly touching the CPU you will never need software again to monitor temps. I will show you how.


Click here for a larger image
Click here for a larger image 


What you will need:

  • Compunurse
  • Razor blade
  • Super glue
  • Dremel


if you don’t know what a Compunurse is, basically it’s a thermal probe attached to a LCD. Here is a picture of one.

I decided to mount the display on the top of my case rather than a drive bay, I made an outline of the side of the Compunurse and moved it in about 1/8 of an inch so that the hole wouldn’t be too big.

Then I went out to the garage and got out my trusty Dremel and attached a standard cutoff wheel to it.

Click here for a larger image
Click here for a larger image

I then cut the outline out with the dremel, as you can see from the picture it took me 2 wheels because the first one broke while cutting.

I then installed the Compunurse into the hole, it looks really nice. I had to dremel down the sides a little after cutting to make the hole the right size for the LCD. Be sure also that when you are installing the LCD that you are careful while doing it otherwise you can crack the glass display and ruin it.

Click here for a larger image