Innovatek Set 2 Watercooling Kit Review



Innovatek is a German company which produces watercooling setups for computers, watercooling has become more available and used recently due to the benefits that it has. There are many reasons why watercooling is much better than conventional air cooling setups.

With watercooling your system is almost always more quiet than that of air cooling, your CPU will stay much colder than it ever will with air, and with watercoling you are able to push more voltage into your CPU than that of air cooling because the heat is able to be reabsorbed into the water and released through the radiator.

There are some negative aspects to watercooling along with the many benifts however, watercooling does not come cheap if you are going to get anything that isnt junk and leaks can arise from improper seals or poor quality parts and watercooling is more difficult to install than your everyday heatsink.

The Innovatek set that I recieved from Sharka Corporation was set 2 which will work for socket 462 (A) or socket 370 which means you can use this set with a Duron, Thunderbird, Athlon XP, and Pentium III, you can also order a kit which will work for your Pentium 4 socket 478 CPU. Kit 2 includes everything that you would need to get up and running which is the following.

  • InnovaCool rev3.0 for Socket 462 (A) or Socket 370
  • one Maxxxpert 120mm radiator with 120mm fan
  • one 120mm fan
  • one 120mm fan guard
  • One Eheim 1046 water pump (79 Gallons per hour)
  • One aluminum filling tank
  • 10 ft of 8mm ID (3/8″ outside diameter) PVC tubing
  • one 3-to-4 pin Molex power adaptor 9) fittings and accessories

The box is cool looking and about the size of a large shoe box, I opened it up and found the instructions and tubing on the top of the foam, because the company is in Germany the instructions are in German which is bad thing because I and most people don’t speak German. This is a very easy thing to fix and I think Innovatek should really take the time, translate it to English and provide both languages. Because of this problem Sharka Corporation has written up an installation guide for the kits which can be found on their site, also this review should be able to help you through the installation procedure.

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The kit is really nicely packed inside of a lot of foam which is nice to see because if you are going to be spending the money on expensive watercooling parts you don’t want them to get damaged in shipping. I will take a look at the individual parts in more detail throughout the review but if you are curious as to what is what lets just go over it real quick. The accessories are at the top left of the kit the filling tank is next to that and the waterblock is at the top left hand corner. The fan is right below the fill tank and water block and the pump is right below the fan, and the radiator is to the left of the pump.

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The waterblock is called the InnovaCool Rev. 3 it can be used on Socket 462 (A) and Socket 370 CPUs. The waterblock when I first looked at it didn’t look like it would perform so well and it looked like it would be horrible to install but we will see that is not true later in the review. The clip mechanism uses all 6 tabs on the socket so that it can apply a good amount of even pressure over the core of the CPU. The block has a solid copper core which is protected with a piece of plastic so that it doesn’t get scratched to ensure the best contact with your core.

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The Innovatek kit comes with a Maxxxpert 120mm radiator which can sometimes be referred to as a cube. This radiator will hold one or two 120mm fans on it depending on how much cooling you want and how much noise you are willing to put up with.

The radiator has the dimensions of 5 3/4″ x 4″ x 4 3/4″ which is not too large and should be easy to fit into almost any case. One thing that I don’t really like about this radiator is that the ends connections don’t have barbs on them its just copper tubing which will make it more prone to leaking if not connected well. The kit comes with 10 ft of 8mm ID (3/8″ outside diameter) PVC tubing which is somewhat small in but it will work for this setup and you get more than enough to setup your system.

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You get a Y.S. Tech 120mm fan model number: FD1212255B-2F and a fan grill so you don’t cut your fingers off. The Y.S. Tech fan is 2200 RPM while pushing 92 CFM of air and making 39 dB of noise this is a good fan for watercooling because you should usually have around 100CFM blowing through your radiator for the best results, also the noise level isn’t really too bad with this fan and if you were to hook up some kind of fan control device which I always do you will be able to turn the speed of the fan up and down depending on what you are doing with your computer.

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Eheim is the best choice for a pump with a watercooling system even though they are designed for aquariums and such. The reason I really like these pumps is because the push a lot of water, they are quiet, and the barbs are really easy to change even if you are not using an Innovatek kit. The Innovatek set comes with an Eheim 1048 pump which will push 79 Gallons per hour and comes with connections that you need to install to the pump which is designed for Innovatek parts.

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The bag of accessories has a lot of stuff in it, it has a 3-4 pin connector with RPM monitoring capabilities, 4 elbow fittings so you can have your tubes run at a 90 degree angle in four places if you need to, 8 fan screws, 10 zip ties to make all of your tubing nice and neat, 2 fittings which are used on the pump and silicone compound which will work but if your going to go with watercooling why not spend a few more bucks on some Arctic Silver 3.

I like that you get all of the accessories that you would expect to get so that you don’t have to buy them separately and end up spending more money that you don’t need to because you will need almost all of this stuff if not all of it to set up your watercooling system.

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