Information Leaks Thwarted with Privacy Filters

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 3M for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.I have been using a laptop screen privacy filter for several months now, and it has saved my butt on several occasions.  I’ve read the statistics that nearly seventy percent of people’s privacy has been violated at the workplace, and over half of personal information is leaked while in public.

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One never knows when someone is looking over their shoulder.  Like Lieutenant Data has said in a TNG episode: “anything that CAN happen DOES happen.”  You must assume that if you are on the private screen of Facebook or LinkedIn that other people have seen it, too.

Regardless of the importance of your work that they don’t want to leak out, nearly everyone is looking at personal emails, text messages, or other electronic communication that they wouldn’t share with their Grandmother, much less a total stranger.

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People are very curious and judgmental.  People on the bus usually open up their phone or tablet and become completely oblivious to the world outside their head.  Just with a casual glance I am able to determine what games people play, their music interests, what kind of people they hang around with, their technology preferences and all sorts of tidbits that reveal an awful lot about a person.  What if someone else gathered all of this information about me and then learned my children’s names and where they went to school?  It doesn’t take much to wreak havoc on someone’s financial or personal life.

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I’m reminded of the scene in “Now You See Me” where Michael Caine money is dispersed to hundreds of people just by finding out his childhood pet.  This sort of thing CAN happen and DOES happen all the time.

screen cannot be seen

Since I’ve been using my 3M Laptop Privacy filter, I have not inadvertently shared information with anyone I didn’t want to.  What the people around me see is a bright orange glare, which is what would be coming out of my eyes if I caught them reading my stuff.

I invite you to share if you’ve been visually hacked in the comments below, and how you dealt with it.

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