Indonesians Have High Cell Phone Usage at Night


Jakarta, (07/07/2011) – Based on a research by Discovermobilelife, Indonesians like to
spend more time making phone calls or sending SMS in the morning before going to work.
But during the travel, they do not do much talking or sending SMS. So the usages of the cell
phones during that time are very low. But the usages slowly increase again starting from 11
am and reaching the peak at 3 pm. The usages slow down when they return home and after
dinner at 7 pm they increase again.

According to Erwin Susanto, the Head of Products of MobGold mobile advertising
network, “The strikingly low usages on 7am – 9am are caused by the fact that people on the
big cities like Jakarta use motorcycles to go to work thus it is hard for them to use their cell
phones”. He also added, “The cell phone usages on South East Asian nations have almost
identical patterns. At night, after dinner, Indonesians as well as people from Vietnam and
Philippines spend their time calling, sending sms or browsing internet until midnight. At this
time, the cell phone usages are quite high.”

According to the statistics, the number of cell phone users in Indonesia is about 168
million while the total population of Indonesia is 237 million in 2009. The internet users
have reached 1,400% increase from just 2 million in 2000 to 30 million in 2010. Weak
infrastructure and high internet bill are still a burden for people to have a broadband internet
connection. Though this weakness in fact allows smartphone market to magnificently grow
in Indonesia. The competition between telco companies gives advantage for smartphone
users because of the low price internet access offered by the companies. Smartphone is now
becoming a hot commodity in Indonesia.

MobGold uses this precious research to innovate the mobile advertising industry by doing
price diversification. MobGold will give advertisers price that suits the Indonesians telephone
users. Night time can be categorized as prime time so the premium price will be charged for
the advertisers. While on specific hours when people rarely use phone, there will be a specific
price for the advertisers.

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