Indianapolis 500 Legends (Wii) Review


Start your engines...

Nascar-deprived Wii and DS players? Start your engines…

This is a great game for those of us who love the Indianapolis 500 and its history. This is also a great game for those who like to drive only left and straight continuously. Lastly, this is a great game for anyone who wants to have children with a family member. Do you fit into one of these three categories? Read on my friend.

Indianapolis 500 Legends can satisfy the hunger-pangs of any slobbering, belligerent Nascar fan. There are cars, famous drivers, crashes, pit stops, and the endless driving in a circle. Is there anything to offer racing fans in general? Perhaps, but here again we have a niche game from Destineer. Similar to John Deere: Harvest in the Heartland, a love of Indy racing must be present in the same way as a boner for big tractors, otherwise I feel our racing-genre-lovers will feel left in the dust.

Indianapolis 500 Legends has many features that Indy fans will love. Spanning the years 1961-1971 when Indy racing was in its prime, we see the rise and downfall of many of Indy’s most famous stars. There are trophies to be won, cars and drivers to unlock, and famous crashes to survive through, all while staying out of the paths of other drivers and traveling at break-neck speeds.


Fight to the finish in a hand-built speed machine racing 3 inches off the ground at nearly 170 mph through a moving minefield of crashes, spinning cars, rolling tires and 32 rivals on the world’s most famous racetrack in Indianapolis 500 Legends, an arcade-style racing experience set in a dynamic era spanning 1961-1971. Players will experience the traditions, rivalries, terrifying speeds, jaw-dropping maneuvers and infamous events that characterized this historic period at the world-famous Indianapolis 500 race.


  • Draft, dodge and strategically maneuver through packs of highly tuned vehicles racing at speeds of nearly 170 miles per hour! Full damage modeling turns tires into potential hazards
    as crashes send them flying onto the track.
  • Experience historic moments in Indy racing history with Mission-Based Racing: Drive the first rear-engine Lotus-Ford, shatter records in Parnelli Jones’ turbine-powered car, and relive the
    rivalries between some of history’s greatest drivers! Survive infamous crashes, experience the most thrilling come-behind victories, and more!
  • Pit lane mini-games based upon actual pit stop activities. Use the Wii remote to change the tires, fill the gas tank and even put out fires!
  • Over 30 real cars and drivers spanning the years 1961-1971. Unlock new cars and memorabilia as you progress through the years and experience the evolution of the Indy 500 track
  • Newly developed ‘Torus’ physics engine allows players to enjoy fast-paced vehicles that are easy to control and fun to drive.
  • Mission Mode offers Qualify, Dodge, Race, Pit Stop, Pass, Time Trial and other challenging driving missions.