Indianapolis 500 Legends Hands-on Preview


Indianapolis 500 Legends

Destineer is a game publisher that has focused a lot on Nintendo platforms, from the Gameboy Advance to the DS and now the Wii. They have several upcoming games to be released this November, right before the Christmas rush. I was able to speak with Jeremy Zoss, who is the Communications Manager at Destineer, who demonstrated all of their company’s game lineup.

Their biggest game was “Indianapolis 500 Legends” for the Nintendo Wii. This game covers the Indy history from 1961 to 1971, so racing buffs can recreate famous moments in history. There are 33 official Indy cars in the race, organized by era. Each race’s difficulty increases with each year, as more advanced cars are mixed in, and the AI becomes more aggressive.

Although this isn’t a realistic driving simulation, players can drive every lap (all 500 miles of it), which should take about three hours. There are also Mission Modes, where players can run through the best parts of each year.

Indianapolis 500 Legends is officially licensed and features real drivers and cars (with authentic audio samples) from each era. You can unlock real Indy broadcasts, videos, and other news media that appear in the Museum option of the game.

Although this is a racing game, Destineer feels that this game should be relatable to everybody. The controls are similar to Excite Truck, where you hold the Wiimote between two hands and tilt each end as if it were a steering wheel. The physics aren’t extremely hard-core, but aren’t as wildly cartoonish as Excite Truck.