Independence Day Brings Big Bangs and Bigger Prizes to Pangya: United


SG Interactive today announced the start of a special Fourth of July-themed Fireworks Event for players of casual golf game Pangya: United. The event, which blasts off on July 4, 2011, will run all the way until July 13, 2011, and gives players the chance to win a rare selection of special, in-game items. To participate, players simply have to sign-in to Pangya and play a course or hang out in a lounge room. Every hour the fireworks will flare, picking a number of players to win items.

Rare items up for grab include:
• Band Sets
• Punky Waiter Sets
• Club Sets
• SSAF Sets
• Black Widow Dresses
• Elfen Ears
• Rings
• Cards
• Pang

For more information about Pangya and the Fireworks Event, please visit the official website at