In Win GRone Full Tower ATX Case Review

Front Panel with SATA


The In Win GRone case has a lot of great features that PC enthusiast and gamers will like.  There is lots of room to install hardware, so it’s very expandable.  The case is also very flexible with how you want to cool your rig.  It is large enough for some of the largest air-cooled heatsinks.  You can also install a full-blown watercooling system, as a radiator can be mounted in the top or bottom of the case, and there is room for a reservoir as well as features to accommodate liquid tubing.

The integrated top panel is a winner.  The included external SATA bay is very clever and makes for easy mounting of drives.  The two banks of USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports is great, although motherboards without internal Hi-Speed headers will need to find an adapter.


The large window is great and allows you to see all of your hardware inside.  Unfortunately, the blue tint will not work with every lighting color scheme. The included clear fan has red LEDs, which really doesn’t match the aqua tone of the window.  Those with blue, green, or UV lights should find it appealing.


The case is very solid and durable.  The case is constructed well with thick steel and is powder coated to resist a lot of scrapes and scratches.  The white color of this case makes the black accents really stand out and is a sure looker.

REPORT CARD : In Win GRone Full Tower ATX Case
Well constructed and durable, but not a complete tank
Clever features and thoughtful touches
Very cool and relatively quiet
Pre-routed cables and ample areas make for easy installs
Sturdy, good looks, and great features for less than $150
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