Improving Video Quality with CUDA


Automatically fix common video problems

Technology moves so quickly that almost everyone has analog (tape) and digital video they want to save and enjoy.   Even with today’s low-cost, high quality cameras and ubiquitous camphones is that the results are usually less than great viewing quality.  Unless you’re carrying a bank of photo lights around the video is usually a little on the dark side.  No matter how hard you try to hold the camera steady the video is shaky.

Often the focus is a little off and there are video noise artifacts that make the final movie a little “uncomfortable” to watch, especially when everyone expects to watch theater quality videos of the kids events, family activities and special moments.

If you’re converting old family/friends videotapes to digital the problem becomes even worse.  You not only have to handle all of the issues listed above you also have a video quality that is well VHS quality.  Ten to 20 years ago it was exciting quality but once DVD movies were introduced it was easy to see that the quality could be better…a lot better.  But converting the videotaped content to digital is important because the images will deteriorate – if they haven’t already – and you will lose the special moments and memories forever.

For converting your analog content to digital you could use a Firewire to USB cable to connect your camera to your computer.  Or there are a number of low-cost, easy-to-use USB video capture adapter devices that include an S-video cable for the best quality possible.   Once you have all of your personal and family videos digitally saved on your computer hard drive, you’re ready to clean up the video and make it look clean and crisp…something people will want to sit down, enjoy a bowl of popcorn and watch.

Family members and friends who are “seasoned” videographers will tell you this is when the real work begins.  They’ll describe their long evenings and lost weekends slaving over a cold keyboard in the glow of their monitor to rescue poor quality video and turn it into a breathtaking movie. That’s now a thing of the past.

Drawing heavily on its patented “CSI”-style super-resolution technology–used by national, regional and local law enforcement and intelligence agencies–MotionDSP Inc. ( recently introduced a consumer video enhancement solution for Windows PC users. Called vReveal (, the software instantly cleans up videos that are shaky, dark, noisy or blurry.