I'm Irritated

Good stuff, I ended up getting the Gamestop job, I start next week. Apparently managers can override the “not eligible for rehire” bs.
I’m pissed off though at my trial students. I’m kind of counting on getting a lot of new students right now to counter-act my retarded florist job. I had the trial, and apparently it went great. The kids were excited, and the mom said that it would be great for them to start because they have nothing better to do over the summer, as well as no vacations planned. I said “awesome” and told them to give me a call when they were ready to set up lessons.

I haven’t heard from them yet, and I called the mom today. The mom said the kids were excited, but they weren’t sure if summer was the best time because “it is really crazy”. Okay, okay… don’t ****ing waste my time. Don’t say you’re excited, and then make up some bs about not wanting to start lessons. Give me my book back so I can go find some other students to start. She said she would call me back because she was busy and that was at 10am this morning. It’s 3pm now.

In better news, I went to Wildcat Lake yesterday and floated to the middle of the lake. Bad: There was a party float thingy, and these squid mother fr-ers were throwing their empty beer bottles and smoked cigarettes into the lake. Not to mention they had young kids near, and were asking random people if they could like their butt holes. Gross.

I have to teach tonight and it is my one day off with my boyfriend. I’m mad about that too. Just mad all around apparently. Maybe I’ll go on a bike ride tonight and cool off.

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