I-Star T5F-SS Hot-Swap Hard Drive Bay Review


Swap Away

I love storage.  It doesn’t matter what kind.  I have stock in those plastic dresser-style drawers, and I keep ’em chock full of crap I’ll never use or at the most very rarely.  Any time I look at a car I check out the trunk first, and try to estimate how many bodies would fit in there.  If I’m unsure, I’ll ask the salesman.  And yes, I have done it before.  Ah, the joys and freedoms of being a sociopath.  But my favorite type of storage is always those heavy bricks we call Hard Drives.  I have them in all capacities, and when I want to access one, I simply take apart my external storage unit, or power down my computer and take the side off, install the HD, and then put it all back together.  It’s a pain in the ass at best.

And then I recieved this little dandy.  The T-5F SS by the people at iStarUSA.  It’s an HDD reader, like the SD card reader on the front of most of your computers.  T5F-SS is a mobile rack for use with 3.5″ SAS and SATA I/II hard drive. The storage capacity of the hard drive is unlimited. The trayless and screwless design is for fast and easy installation. The anti-vibration design gives hard drive an extra protection from damage. Blue LED indicator enables monitor power and hard drive activities. Security key-lock prevents intrusion and theft to the most important data.  And, possibly the best of all… it’s Hot Swappable!

Here are some more specs on her:


  • Screwless and Trayless Design for fast HDD mounting
  • Anti-vibration Design
  • Support SAS and SATA I/II Hard Drive
  • Key Lock Prevents Theft or Removal During Operation
  • Fit for Standard 5.25″ Drive Bay
  • Best Air Ventilation with 1 x 40mm Fan
Model Number T5F-SS
RoHS Compliance Version Yes
Standard Drive Bays 5.25″ Drive: 1
Interface SAS / SATA I/II
Cooling Fan 1x40mm
Connectors 2 x SATA Connectors – 4 Pin Power Connector
Materials Frame: Metal  –  Front Panel: Plastic
LED Display HDD Activity
Security Key Lock
Certification TUV, CSA, CUL/ UL, CE
Packaging Information Mobile Rack, Manual, Keys, and Screws
Dimensions (W x H x D) 146 x 40 x 190 mm