I have a bone to pick with T-shirt companies

 Okay so my favorite store to buy nerdy t-shirts at is Hot Topic. However, all of the girl t-shirts that they have feature either Johnny Depp, Green Day, or Nighmare Before Christmas characters. So, what do I do? I wander over to the men’s section, which has a HUGE supply of Beatles t-shirts (some of my favs…), gamer shirts (zelda…rock on), or Star Wars shirts. They have smalls, but for my frame, a small in guy’s is like a woman’s extra large. Of course I could just shrink the shirt in the wash, but why can’t they make cool shirts for girls!! I’m tired of being cool, yet frumpy!!! If somewhere made cool shirts that fit girls I’d back them financially forever!!

ooo…give me an OCMS shirt! Just make sure it’s a woman’s SMALL!!! haha
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