I got Blown

I guess I’m lucky… my mechanic called VW and they said they could cover my blown-out turbo under warranty. HOPEFULLY this is true; it’s getting transfered to Parr VW for service today. I was honest with the manager and told her I had NO service records nor oil change records, but she asked me a couple other questions and I think we’re good.

The mechanic tested my engine and it was fine, so as long as VW doesn’t find any engine trouble, we’ll be okay. Apparently even during service checks and oil changes they don’t ever check the turbo, so they would have no idea about when the thing would blow up. Anyway, the head mechanic at VW said he could do it, so everyone keep their fingers crossed for me!

Dude totally… it really just depends on the peoples.

So next week is my birthday, and I have to spend it doing make-up lessons for all the lessons I’ve cancelled due to not having a car. Sad.

Also… WOOT! Sunday is moving day; I’ll get my piano down to Poulsbo and have my parents take the rest of my lame crap. Boo for lame crap. Isn’t it cool that our parents still allow us to store shizzle at their houses even though it’s been like…. 5 years since I’ve moved out, and in that time I’ve moved around 6 times? Awesome.

Going to school next quarter and starting nursing classes. Didn’t think I’d get in, but I did. Yay! Only two lame-o classes: Dosage Calculations and Introduction to Pharmacology. My schedule is pretty sweet though: one day a week for two hours. One class for 5 weeks, then the other for 5 weeks. They’re only 1 credit classes each. In addition, I have to get about a 3.7 in those classes to continue with the program, so I guess it’s good to get them out of the way. Onwards!

Okay that’s it…. that cat is just too much. BLARGH! Make me feel like crap okay Daniel? OKAY!?!?!?  

And my birthday is April Fool’s Day, and NO I have never had any “exciting” jokes played on me.
Okay everyone guess how old I am…. lolz I guess it’s time for new pics eh? $5 directed to my paypal account gets a tittie…..
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