I Feel Like I'm Going to Barf

So today is the day… honestly… I feel like I’m going to barf. I’ve been dry-heaving for an hour. Sorry to gross you guys out…. but ugh! My mom is freaking me out…. she’s being a huge control freak and actually pissing off other people. I know she just wants it to be nice, as I am her only daughter, but she is completely out of control.

I got my nails done yesterday, very cute. However, I can’t type now, I keep hitting like 5 letters at once. DAMN YOU QWERTY! Why can’t you have better keys! ROAR!
Hair and make-up at 1, then showtime at 7….. I keep having nightmares about falling down and screaming “F*CK!!!!” Then all of the parents cover the little kids ears…and shout “Noooooooooo!!!!” Lol.
I’m sure I’ll be posting pictures, just not yet… I don’t know what kind of internet connection I’ll get in Maui. Have fun OCMS staff…. thanks for your support..
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