I do not tolerate "pen is" ads

UPDATE: Apparently there is some malware that is going around, and this malware intercepts certain ad calls and replaces them with ads for Vimax.  This hijack is being dealt with by the major ad companies, but it is an infection on the user’s computer.  The easiest way to get rid of it is to install and run a malware scanner, such as AdAware from Lavasoft.  So, there is no problem with my current ad networks, but an infection on one of my machines.  I tested ads from another machine, and all was fine.

OCModShop will NEVER run ads about “male enhancement” products.  So if you see any, or any products from Vimax, then run a virus scanner.  I am working with my ad vendors to pursue legal action against Vimax.

I was going through the site, as I usually do to make sure the new posts render properly, when I noticed a few ads that asked “Do you want a bigger penis?” and other ads with a shirtless male popping pills.

I work very hard at trying to provide good quality content, but I also need to monetize from it.  I do not tolerate annoying or offensive ads.  I do not tolerate ads about sex.  Not only does it make readers uncomfortable, but it can get me banned from Google.

I have turned down several ad accounts because I thought it would bother our readership.  If everyone knew how much I work at having the advertising non-intrusive, they wouldn’t stop thanking me.  This is one reason why I get steamed about people using AdBlock, becuase I work so hard for there to be no need for it.

I am working on getting more relevant ads on the site.  This means: related to hardware and gaming only. 

No “smileys”. 

No “date hot girls in your area”.

No “press the fart button”.

Needless to say, you will no longer be seeing any ads from ADSDAQ.  I strongly suggest that other webmasters drop them as well, unless they’re running a porn site.

It also appears that ALL of the ad brokers I am going through are using “male enhancement” ads, even though I have specifically filtered them out.  I have temporarially disabled these ad networks until I can get this straightend out.

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