Hyperkin PS3 Text Link Remote Review


The Wonder-Product for PS3?

Despite its slow start in the console war, the PS3 has come into its own of late, as it is a very strong multimedia powerhouse in addition to a great gaming machine.  What the commercials say really is true: The PS3 just does about everything.

My PS3 is practically a dedicated multimedia PC.  It streams all of my networked movies and music in just about any format (except Microsoft’s WMVs), and is the primary BluRay player in the living room.  To get the real “home theater feel” you need a real remote control rather than turning on the PS3 controller every time you want to watch a movie.  There are only a few choices for PS3 remotes, and one of them is the Hyperkin Text Link Remote.

Font and back of the remote’s packaging

The Hyperkin Text Link remote control looks very promising.  It claims to control all of your multimedia functions, doubles as a game controller, and has a full QWERTY keyboard to make text input easier.  Not only should this help with configuring player names, but should make chatting on the Playstation Network much easier.

Here’s the marketing spooge:

The PS3 Text Link Remote lets you easily control the playback of Blu-Ray movies, DVDs, CDs and media files on the PS3 system. The Text Link Remote features a slide out keypad that enables you to text other players on the Playstation Network, or use its dual analog sticks and buttons to play PS3 games. Simply attach the included USB receiver to an open port on the PS3 system and you can control your PS3 system with ease.


  • Full control of movies, DVDs, CDs and media files on the PS3 system
  • Slide out QWERTY keypad
  • Dual analog sticks and buttons
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery
  • Includes USB charging cable

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