Huge Growth

We’ve experienced huge growth since August 2006, when I implemented many changes (including a new CMS) which help improve how we are indexed by search engines. I also made some usability improvements.

Since then our traffic has been growing. We did nearly 850,000 page views in December, and are on track to do over 900,000 page views in January (and I was excited when we finally reached 100,000 page views when I first took over).

Our Alexa Ranking currently stands at 62,000: the highest it’s ever been (and it’s certainly alot harder to get good Alexa rankings today than it was 2 years ago). Our current weekly average is 30,000, so the overall 3-month score should be going up.


OCModShop was founded in March, 2002, and March 2007 marks the 5th anniversary of OCModShop!

Originally we started with only a handful of articles in a niche industry, and we have nearly 800 articles, and over 6,000 news items posted.
Woo hoo!
What should we do to celebrate?  Contests? Cake and ice cream?  Kegger?
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