How to Watch TV on a Mac



Mac or Macintosh is a brand name for different kinds of computer produced by Apple, Inc. Production of Mac includes all aspects of hardware and own operating system already installed. The Mac is a computer that can run all the major operating systems, including Mac OS X, Windows XP, and Vista.

TV on a PC is in nowadays. How about TV on a Mac?

Widgets are mini-applications that are downloaded and installed to a dashboard for a new function. There are amazing widgets for Mac that will allow us to play TV right on our Mac. There is this widget that provides access to free Internet television. Besides, there is also the for viewing our favorite live stream channels. Before we can download these features, we should first check the system requirements. If we have what are needed to make this application works, we can enjoy watching our favorite shows directly on our Mac.

As we all know, we can’t depend on our Internet connection all the time. Heavy traffic is frequently experienced so we can’t enjoy our favorite show that much. It’s different when we don’t need to download and consume time to have our full view of the channels. But we can have our Macs installed with TV. Aside from widgets, we can enjoy the entertainment of watching TV on our Mac with the help of USB-based tuners like Elgato EyeTV Hybrid that allows us to watch analog and digital TV. Like other common pc, Mac also has its way to have TV on it.

If external devices (USB like EyeTV) do not satisfy us, we can use the PCTV cards like Miglia AlchemyTV Card that is a good choice for computer TV viewing and VHS-to-DVD transferring. It’s a PCI card that requires no additional power supply. We can check to check if we have the latest version. After that, set up the PCI card in our Mac, and then install the software using the cd included. To access the newly installed program, we need to restart our Macs and go to the AlchemyTV dialog.

Miglia also offers a TV Micro unit that comes with the unit itself, a cable as connection, an external USB 2.0 extender, a remote control and an Elgato EyeTV 2.

Slingbox is also a good choice. It works not only for common PC but for Macs as well. It has ports for TV input and for Ethernet. Another one is the iTele, which is a Mac application that allows us to watch TV and record a channel we want.

When we are familiar of iTunes, we’ll know Mac. We can go to the iTunes Store to browse different shows and channels. We can have our favorite shows in advance. We can watch an episode before it will be aired or have a copy of the one we missed. We can watch all of this in Mac.These are only some of the ways on how we can have TV on our Macs. More are coming our way, thanks to the advanced technology.

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